“The PaintPincher is an ingeniously designed product. The various contours allow one to extract every drop of paint from the can. It saves money and limits environmental hazards. I would definitely recommend this product.”
- Brian Stewart, Buford, Georgia
“Wow! What an awesome product!”
- Thomas Minucci, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
“I would recommend the PaintPincher to anyone who has painting of any kind to do”
- Wade Starry, Pekin, Illinois
“Very, very well thought out design. One of the best new products I‘ve seen in a while”.
- Brian Fukada, Kailua, Hawaii
“Best tool I’ve ever used to get paint out of the can.”
- Bruce Larson, San Diego, California
“As a painting contractor / handyman, I am always looking for ways to eliminate wasted materials and save time-I will definitely keep this tool in my tool box.”
- John Schimmel, Staten Island, New York
“An excellent idea and well worth the price for the amount of times it can be used. The amount of paint it saves makes it pay for itself. Helps eliminate the need for extra rags. Promotes environmental awareness by removing almost all residue, whether it be paint or stain!”
- David Reynolds, Leesburg, Virginia
“It is amazing how the simplest of designs seem to work out the best. This gadget saved me time and money. I look forward to finding these and buying them at my local Home Depot / OSH / Hardware Store.”
- Jonathan Kane, Los Angeles, CA
“The most important thing to me is it keeps more residues out of the landfills.”
- Donald Cordry, Elizabethtown, Indiana
“I did notice how much paint I was able to get out of the can when I thought the can was empty. I would definitely purchase more when I have a paint job.”
- Charles Frick, Martinez, Georgia
“An excellent product I easily recovered at least 1/2 cup of paint from just one can”
- Stan Brown, Waller, Texas
“I recommend this product because of easy instructions on Use of Tool. I found it to be very versatile. I will recommend this product to all my family and friends.”
- Ronald Mollick, Ashtablula, Ohio
“The PaintPincher is a clever and useful tool. It performed well on all of its features. I will purchase one the next time I paint”
- David Metcalf, Louisville, Kentucky
“Excellent value! The cost of paint saved using the PaintPincher's recommended life greatly exceeds the cost of this tool”
- Eric Taylor, W. Springfield, Pennsylvania
“It’s a great tool for saving paint and money and our environment...it’s a great value!!”
- David Magnuson, Ishpeming, Missouri
“This tool is a great help. I wish I’d thought of it.”
- Wen Baldwin, Henderson, NV
“Best Feature - My wife loves it! It works good for kitchen uses also.”
- James Martin, Montpelier, Ohio
“Easy to use-an excellent way to save paint”
- Cynthia Webster, Walton, Kentucky
“I find it easy to use and should be in everyone’s work shop or paint shed. It cleans the paint can very well and I will tell more people about it.”
- Norman Forney, Niagara Falls, New York
“A very useful addition to my painting supplies.”
- John Venskoske, Winchester, Virginia
This is truly a useful product.”
- Richard Brei, Niles, MI
“I always find myself struggling to get every ounce of paint from the can. I found this to greatly increase the amount with less effort. I would not have bought it on my own however, after using it, would vigorously recommend.”
- James Fultz, Winter Haven, Florida
“The PaintPincher stirs the paint and quicker because it is able to clean the bottom and sides. I especially like the end used to clean the top rim of the can and it sure speeds up roller clean up. Overall, I would say it is a product that is long over due and has a permanent place with my painting equipment.’
- Rudy Stackhouse, State College, PA
“I was skeptical at first, but the PaintPincher exceeded the first impressions immediately. I have already recommended this product to my friends and family.”
- Scott Cawood, Hackettstown, New Jersey
“I highly recommend this product as paint is a pollutant which will affect our environment. Nice to know someone is thinking of other people and the environment.”
- David Schroeder, Mio, MI
“This is a tool that has been needed for a long time. Cleaning up a paint can has always been a problem and PaintPincher sure makes it a lot easier.”
- James Kahre, Evansville, Indiana
“The PaintPincher does an exceptional job of keeping the paint can clean and less messy through several jobs. It actually helped save enough paint to complete a job without having to run out for more paint.”
- Michael Anderson, Crestwood, Kentucky
“It's nice to find a tool that does just what the manufacturer says it does, I was able to get about a cup of paint from the can by scraping the sides and bottom clean. It was just enough to finish-making me very happy that I didn’t have to buy a full can of paint to finish.”
- John Laflin, Wymore, Nebraska
“I think it is a great value. I don’t know how I got along without a PaintPincher this long. Keep them coming.”
- Doyle Harmon, Hardy, Arizona
”Great idea. Have wanted a product like this for many years.”
- Richard Anderson, Spokane, Washington
“Wish I’d had it before!”
- Ric Vargoshe, Woodbury, Connecticut
“I would recommend the PaintPincher-it should be in all personal painting accessories. It does all well as advertised. Overall it is great.”
- Herman Welk, Parker, Colorado
“The PaintPincher performed as they said it would. It allowed me to finish the paint job by being able to get almost every drop of paint from the can. Thanks”
- Thomas Wentworth, Rochester, New York